Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Cafiola services?

  • Signup and verify your account.
  • Add your home delivery address.
  • Request handyman services when needed
  • Shop for items (such as Baby food, Medecine, and Alcohool) from your local stores in your zipcode.
  • Check out, and wait for your same day (*free for members) delivery at home by dinner time(for orders made before 2PM daily)

Do I have to be a member to use Cafiola?

  • No. Cafiola serves the general public.
    Members get special discounts and discounted prices.
    You must Register as a member in order to get free deliveries of all orders that you make on the site from stores that are in your zipcode.
  • Other services fees still apply.

How much does Cafiola membership cost?

  • Cafiola charges a yearly membership fee of $60.00 for customers
  • For company membership please Contact Cafiola for terms, services and fees.

I want to launch a new restaurant. Can Cafiola help me?

  • Yes. Cafiola provides kitchen location for chefs or restaurants who want launch a new location.
  • We provide everything you need for a launch. You will need a small deposit, and pay us a monthly rental fee.
    Requests fullfillment, time, depend on location regulations, and real-estate resistance.
  • Signup here and we will contact you with additional details.

What are the benefits of customers' membership?

  • Members get free delivery of all orders on the website in their zipcode.
  • Members have access to discounted prices on meals from restaurants in their zipcode.
  • Discounts on handyman services. Members get a minimum discount of 25% on quotes from competing handyman services
  • Members have access to transporter services at discounted prices.

What are company benefits of membership?

  • Cafiola will deliver company's products to its customers at a reduce price
  • Ecommerce companies reduce their last mile deliverie costs.
  • Companies will reduce their operation carbon footprint.

Which deliveries are free to members?

  • Deliveries are free when order's delivery zipcode is the same as the member registered zipcode.
  • For example, if a member registers 98112 as his address zipcode, and order items from
    another zipcode there would be a small delivery fee for the order.

How much do handyman usually charge?

  • Although projects typically fall in the $165 to $615 range, handyman rates can vary widely.
    Small jobs, like replacing a light switch, may cost $65 to $240 for one to two hours of work.
    Larger jobs that take four hours or more run $1,200 and up.
  • Handyman repair and install services can vary, depending on their skills and experience.
    A handyman (or handywoman) is a skilled generalist, who performs minor repairs and installs on homes.
  • Installing a bath Fan for example costs $375 on average when hiring a handyman to install a bathroom fan.
    This project should take about two hours if simply replacing the old fan with a similar unit.
    If you need to install ductwork or replace wiring, then it is likely best to hire a specialty contractor instead.
  • Some handyman costs from $60 to $125 per hour if the project is not priced out as flat rate
  • Average prices for common services are as follow: Faucet ($90) ; Garbage disposal ($150), Toilet($150); Kitchen Sink($300)

What’s the difference between a contractor and a handyman?

  • A contractor is a specialist in his or her field: electrical contractors, plumbing contractors and construction contractors are just a few.
    There are also general contractors, which typically oversee a team of subcontractors who handle specialized jobs within the larger project.
    They are knowledgeable about permits and other such technical details.

    Handymen specialize in odd jobs. It could be replacing a broken cabinet hinge, stopping a leaky faucet or sanding down a gouge in your wood floor.
    The handyman is a trained generalist, and it was probably a handyman who coined the phrase, "No job too small."

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