Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Cafiola services?

  • Signup and verify your account.
  • Add your home delivery address.
  • Shop for items (such as Baby food, Medecine, and Alcohool) from your local stores in your zipcode.
  • Check out, and wait for your same day (*free for members) delivery at home by dinner time(for orders made before 3PM daily)

I do not see specials or menus listed after 3PM?

  • Cafiola specials and menus are only displayed before 3PM
  • All special orders need to be placed before 3PM for same day delivery
  • All items ordered after 3PM are delivered the following day.

Do I have to be a member to use Cafiola?

  • NO. Cafiola serves the general public. Members get special discounts and discounted prices. You must Register as a member in order
    to get free deliveries of all orders that you make on the site from stores that are in your zipcode.
  • Some services fees still apply.

How much does Cafiola membership cost?

  • Cafiola charges a yearly membership fee of $60.00 for customers
  • Company membership: Contact Cafiola for terms and services and fees

I want to launch a new restaurant. Can Cafiola help me?

What are the benefits of customers' membership?

  • Members get free delivery of all orders on the website in their zipcode.
  • Members have access to discounted prices on meals from restaurants in their zipcode.
  • Members have access to transporter services at discounted prices.

What are company benefits of membership?

  • Cafiola will deliver company's products to its member at a reduce price
  • Ecommerce companies reduce their last mile deliverie costs.
  • Companies will reduce their operation carbon footprints.

Which deliveries are free to members?

  • Deliveries are free when order's delivery zipcode is the same as the member registered zipcode.
  • For example, if a member registers 98112 as his address zipcode, and order food from
    another zipcode there would be a small delivery fee for the order.

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